Sunday 13 August 2017

What's in your notions pouch?

I recently had some Cath Kidston vouchers that I hadn't mentally assinged to anything, so when they had a sale, I picked myself up a new notions pouch. While I was transferring what I regard to be my essential knitting items into the new bag, I thought I would spend a little bit of time sharing what's in my notions pouch.

1. Scissors
Always useful for snipping ends and doing afterthought heels (so you don't have to improvise with a fork!). Mine are straight nail scissors, nothing fancy.

2. Needle gauge
This slider design is my favourite as you don't have to guess what size your needles are. This Aero needle gauge is a vintage one that was a present from my mum. And it features unintentional inuendo!

3. Interchangeable needle tightening kit
I'm pretty sure everyone who owns interchangeables finds that the joins undo every now and again, so I make sure I carry the alan key round with me to re-secure the needle tips.

4. Yarn bobbins
This might just be me, but every now and again I feel a desperate need to do some intarsia! Doing it without yarn bobbins is a pain, so I always have a few to hand.

5. Tape measure
Essential for everything! I use a standard tape rather than a retractable one as I always manage to break the retractable ones!

6. Needle case
I stitched this needle case a very long time ago (well over ten years, possibly 20), and it's been a faithful friend. I have an assortment of needles in there: darning needles for Kitchener stitch; tapestry needles for weaving in ends; and fine needles for sewing buttons on shirts when they fall off!

7. Stitch markers
You can never have too many stitch markers (and I have tendency of losing them), so I have a selection in a little pouch that I got for my birthday.

So, what's in your notions pouch? Anything you can't live without?

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  1. I have a notions tin. I'm about to find out what I value the most in it since I have come to London for 2 weeks but I forgot the tin! I already miss my scissors.