Saturday 15 April 2017

The joys of a bank holiday weekend

In the U.K. Good Friday and Easter Monday are classed as bank holidays, which means many people get a four day weekend. Most of the time I give myself Sundays off from knitting work, but I decided that this weekend I would take the whole four days off, and I am having a lovely time doing things with my family. But for me, time off never means no knitting, and this weekend I am knitting away on a Cuddlebums sock set that was sold as an Easter Sock KAL. The set contains 50g of variegated yarn and a 20g mini skeins for the heels and toes, as well as a few little extra goodies (a chocolate bunny and some stitch markers).

I have large feet and know that 70g is going to be pushing it, so this is my first pair of socks to be knitted concurrently (two sets of needles, one sock on each set). I wound the ball into two centre pull balls, and am knitting one sock from the outside and the other from the inside. I have got into a bit of a tangle a couple of times, but am enjoying it, and the colours are amazing! How far do you think I'll manage to get by the end of Monday? I'm really hoping I can get the whole lot done...

I'm not just knitting this weekend. Yesterday was spent at soft play (along with the rest of Durham - it was a bit cold and miserable!), along with some hot cross bun baking (with chocolate chips to appease the five year old), and I managed to finish off a couple of project bags that have been on the to do list for ages! We're just back from the supermarket to buy food for tomorrow (all but the smallest shops are shut on Easter Sunday), and the eggs for the egg hunt (I almost left that too late - we have the only eggs Sainsbury's had that would be easy to hide; a foot tall Lindt egg would be a little conspicuous, and less than ideal as I had promised we could each find 3-4 eggs). I'm hoping the weather tomorrow is better so we can get out and about.

Hot cross buns!
Project bags

Egg hunt eggs 

What's everyone else up to this bank holiday weekend?

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